Exploring the end of the modern world and the limitations of science and reason.

    Modernity is overrated. The modern world was intended to be comfortable and peaceful with science and reason leading humanity to a deeper understanding of itself and the universe. What it has delivered are wars of unprecedented destruction, a growing inequality between the wealthy and the poor, a "post-truth" state of confusion, and a sense of meaninglessness to life. While it is true that many enjoy prosperity and comfort that was unthinkable in even the recent past, life today is unsatisfying and seemingly stripped of purpose. We live in an era of unprecedented technological achievement, yet it has done little to enrich our experiences. As the comedian Louis C.K. joked, "Everything's amazing. No one is happy."            

On top of that, our institutions are failing. People’s trust in everything from schools, to universities, churches, news media, corporations, entertainment media, government, and even the scientific establishment is evaporating or has disappeared almost entirely. Once trusted experts produce seemingly erroneous and contradictory statements, eroding confidence that they are capable of ascertaining the truth. Guidelines handed down from authorities are now often skeptically viewed as veiled political statements or manipulative nudges intended to influence behavior for someone else’s benefit. Both on the individual and societal level, there is a growing sense that our modern world is flawed, broken, or at the very least unsustainable.    

    My essays on substack will explain the modern worldview and its shortcomings: both its claims about truth and the culture it supports. Also I will explore the value of tradition, time-tested wisdom, beauty, and transcendent experience.